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Magazine Spring, STI (Gen2)

Brazos Price: $7.50
Manufacturer: STI

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STI Magazine Spring
STI replacement springs for STI Gen2 double stack magazines are available for 9/38 and 40/45 calibers.  We  have them in two lenghts:  140mm and 170mm (for 9/38 calibers only).   For shorter double stack magazines, take a 140mm spring and:
  • For a 126mm magazine, cut off one coil and bend the bottom coil so that it is paralell to the base pad. 
  • For a 120mm magazine cut off 1 1/2 coils and bend the bottom coild so that it is paralell to the base pad. 

Note:  STI has discontinued the sale of parts.  If an item is not listed on the drop-down menu it is because we have sold out and must discontinue it.

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