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Slide-to-Frame Fit, Brazos - Open w/Bald Slide, D&T for Mount

Brazos Price: $810.00
Manufacturer: Brazos Custom
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BYOG -- Build Your Own Gun!  The Brazos Slide-to-Frame fit (a Brazos slide already fitted to a Brazos frame) provides a solid foundation for building your own gun.  The slide is actually fitted to the frame during the frame manufacturing process.  This ensures a precise and long lasting fit and produces bearing surfaces that are parallel/square to the frame.  

The "Open" model is specifically designed for the build of an Open Division 5" pistol in 9x19 or 38 Super calibers. It features:

  • Brazos wide frame with short dust cover that has been drilled and tapped for mounting a scope and has either a Wilson/Nowlin or Clark/Para ramp 
  • Brazos slide bare (no cuts, logos, or serrations) with a classic (scalloped) profile

Additional configurations are available on a special order basis.  Please call for more information: 254-622-2245.

You will find a wealth of information on our website,, that may help you with your build.  Check out our “how to” blog posts:

Special - 10% Off Parts!! With the purchase of a frame we offer a one-time discount of 10% that will be applied to a single online order of parts required to complete your build. Order parts with the frame or place a separate online order within 30 days of frame purchase. Toward the end of the checkout procedure you will have an opportunity to enter free-form “special instructions.” In this space, please identify the type of frame you purchased as well as the type of pistol you are building (e.g., “long wide frame for limited, 9mm”), and we will take 10% off your entire parts order. Remember that this is a one-time online discount so be sure to include all the parts you might need in a single order.  Sorry, magazines are excluded.

Special Shipping Requirements: Frames are marked with a serial number and, as such, are treated like complete pistols with respect to delivery. That means we must ship a frame to a dealer with a Federal Firearms License (FFL) who will then “transfer” the item to you. The dealer is your agent so please locate and make arrangements with a firearms dealer in your state of residence to do the transfer for you. Prior to shipping we must receive a signed copy of the dealer’s FFL. This document can be emailed or faxed to us at 254-622-3000. Please ask the dealer to reference your name with the document. Once your order is placed we will call to confirm all information.

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