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Recoil Spring, Wolff - Government Model, Variable

Brazos Price: $7.89
Manufacturer: Wolff Gunsprings
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The range of recoil springs used in a limited gun is generally between 12 lbs. to 18.5 lbs.; for an open gun, it is between 7 lbs. and 12 lbs. A lighter recoil spring will hit you harder at the end of the stroke, but will close lighter. This is generally a better feel for most shooters. Since you are trying to get the sights back on the target as the slide closes, the softer it closes, the quicker you will be back on target. With a variable rate recoil spring, the coils are wound different at the back than at the front of the spring. Because the coils are closer together at the front of the spring, it stacks up as the slide comes to the rear and then closes softer. This gives greater protection against frame battering, provides more consistent lockup and improved feeding, while allowing easier manual cycling of the action. We recommend this type of spring, especially in an open gun.

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