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RecoilMaster 5.0, STI

Brazos Price: $99.99
Manufacturer: STI
: 0

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Barrel Type:
STI Recoilmaster

The 5" RecoilMaster guide rod system is used in STIi pistols with a 5-inch slide and either a bushing or bull barrell.  The spring weight (light or heavy) pertains to caliber where 9mm and 38 Super pistols use a light Recoilmaster and 40 S&W and 45 ACP pistols use a heavy Recoilmaster. The guide rod system includes a guide rod, guide rod plug, inner and out springs, and a takedown tool.

Note:  STI has discontinued the sale of aftermarket parts.  As we run out of styles/calibers they will no longer be available.

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