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Follower Kit, Grams

Brazos Price: $19.00
Manufacturer: Grams Engineering
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The Grams follower kit takes a major leap forward towards achieving flawless magazine performance. A dramatically enhanced follower made of space-age, slick plastic attached to a custom-designed spring creates a solid combination that provides the following benefits:

  • The follower is supported on both sides by spring coil in order to prevent rollover in the tube.
  • Spring coils stack more uniformly under pressure so they will not kink in the bottom of the magazine.
  • If your gun is set up to lock back, the redesigned follower more consistsently pushes the slide stop up and locks it back.
  • If your gun is not set up to lock back, the redesigned follower has clearance at the back so the slide comes forward without binding.
The Grams follower kit consists of one follower attached to one spring. The kit comes in two lengths.  Use the 11-coil follower kit with a 140mm or shorter STI/SV mag tube.  Use the 13-coil follower kit with a 170mm STI/SV mag tube. 
Shipping Info:  Grams follower kits must be shipped by way of UPS.  When ordering one or more follower kits, select either ground or 2-day UPS as the shipping method.



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