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Compensator, BCG - Thundercomp

Brazos Price: $179.99
Manufacturer: Brazos Custom
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Compensator, BCG - Thundercomp 2
Compensator, BCG - Thundercomp 2Compensator, BCG - Thundercomp 1Compensator, BCG - Thundercomp 3

The Brazos Thundercomp has been designed to be light weight like titanium, yet it is actually made of much stronger steel that holds up better than titanium. The up ports in these compensators have been cut very deep and have squared off bottoms for maximum volume. The up ports are smaller towards the front to equalize the down force as gas pressure lessens. Additional ports on each side create side force vectors that make the gun track straight up and down.  The Thundercomps are made for use with 0.355 or 0.356 bullets.  The "bull" models are threaded 11/16x40 for 38 super or 9mm bull barrels, whereas the "cone" models  fit 38 super and 9mm barrels threaded 0.575x40.

  • The Thundercomp 1 has two up ports. This is our lightest compensator particularly well suited for loads with less than 8 grains of powder or if you just want a lighter comp.  The TC1 Bull has an overall length of 1.712" and weighs 2.3 oz.   The TC1 Cone has an overall length of 1.437" (without the cone) and weighs 2.6 oz.
  • The Thundercomp 2 has three up ports. This is our most popular compensator that we use on the Pro SX.  The TC2 Bull has an overall length of 2.122" and weighs 2.8 oz.   The TC2 2 Cone has an overall length of 1.847" (without the cone) and weighs 3.0 oz.
  • The Thundercomp 3 has four up ports. This is our heaviest and longest compensator.  The TC3 Bull has an overall length of 2.532" and weighs 3.5 oz.   The TC3 Cone has an overall length of 2.257" (without the cone) and weighs 3.7 oz.

Note: Compensator should be align reamed after installation to avoid bullet strike.

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