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Basepad, Taran Tactical

Brazos Price: $33.99
Manufacturer: Taran Tactical, Inc

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Taran Tactical 4G2 Basepad

The Taran Tactical (TTI) basepad can be used with STI, SV, and Rescomp 140mm and 170mm mag bodies.  This basepad is recommended if you are looking to increase capacity and have access to a  USPSA mag gauge. The basepad is angled in the back and will fit the gauge while allowing added capacity. The Taran Tactical basepad is made from solid aluminum and, thus, will not break even if dropped on concrete or rock.   The one-piece construction means you don't have to worry about small parts coming  loose or getting lost.  A patented push-pin design lets you disassemble the magazine in seconds using only one hand and no special tools.  It won't come off until you are ready to remove it.

Due to the variances in mag tube dimensions from different companies and even different generations of mags from the same company, the base pad is offered in several different lengths (3mm and 4mm) and may require minor fitting to the tube.  The back of the lips may need the sharp edges buffed down so the mag will fit the gauge.

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