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Thumb Safety, EGW - Ambi HD (Heavy Duty)

Brazos Price: $140.00
Item Number: 30-220
Manufacturer: EGW
: 11322
EGW HD Ambi Safety
The EGW HD (heavy duty) ambi thumb safety is machined from solid heat-treated stainless steel. This keeps the safeties as straight as possible. The thumb safety is serrated for better gripping capability. The kit includes: 
  • Left and right side ambi safety - The ambi joint is machined and flat - not tapered which tends to work out and loosen over time. The safety lug that contacts the frame on the left-hand side has been machined with a radius down stop instead of a pointed contact found on many safeties. The t-slot on the right-hand side prevents the safety from walking out. No need to relieve your right-hand grips for the safety. 
  • Three hammer pins:  For .750” wide frame,  for .765” wide frame, and .818” for .770” wide Brazos and double stack frame. The hammer pin is also the down stop for the right paddle. 
  • Ambi sleeve - The sleeve joins each side inside the frame tangs. The grip safety rides on the round sleeve and is not influenced when operating the safety. The sleeve prevents the safety from expanding where the sides join. It functionally makes each side longer for more secure operation and less flex.
  • Sear pin 
This thumb safety is not a drop-in part and requires fitting for proper function.
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