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Firing Pin Stop, EGW - Oversize, 9/38/40

Brazos Price: $15.00
Manufacturer: EGW
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Firing Pin Stop, EGW - Oversize
Firing Pin Stop, EGW - OversizeFiring Pin Stop, EGW - Oversize w/BoMar Cut

The EGW firing pin stop is manufactured of carbon steel, Rockwell tested: 48 Rc scale. For series 70 pistols, this oversize stop must be fit in order to provide maximum functionality. Design features of the EGW firing pin stop enhance the reliability of your pistol:

  • It is wider in order to prevent the extractor from turning which leads to more reliable ejection. 
  • It is thicker to eliminate lateral movement of the firing pin.
  • The inside corners are radiused to prevent cracking so the part lasts longer.
  • The back corner has a .015 radius to break the corner but maintains a square edge to slow the slide opening.

Suitable for 9/38/40 calibers, the EGW firing pin stop comes standard or relieved to work with a slide cut for a BoMar style adjustable rear sight.


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