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2011 Trigger, STI - Long Curve

Brazos Price: $60.00
Manufacturer: STI
: 0

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STI 2011 Long Curve Trigger
This trigger fits only 2011 style STI/SV guns. Use the long curve trigger if you need a little more length in the trigger shoe. The trigger bow is stainless steel wire EDM cut with a notch for trigger take up adjustment. The trigger shoe is glass filled nylon polymer with a set screw for overtravel adjustment.  If you really want to be slick, choose a colored trigger (gray, blue, red, olive drab green, tan) that matches your grip or other gear. Afterall, if you look good, you'll shoot good (maybe).

Note:  STI has discontinued the colored triggers.  Remaining inventory is limited and when they're gone they're gone.
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