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Brazos Super-Tuned 4-Pack (140mm)

Brazos Price: $600.00
Manufacturer: Brazos Custom
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Product Options


Product Options

Would you like us to modify the follower so that your slide does not lock back? (See below for more info)
Super Tuned 4-Pack

The four-pack of Brazos Super-Tuned magazines are available only in the 140mm length.  They come numbered 1 thorugh 4.  Our Super Tuned magazine uses all premium parts.  It starts as an STI tube and a Grams spring/follower kit.  Then you select either a Dawson or Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) pad.  These parts are assembled and tuned for reliability and maximum capacity. 

  •  Tube dimensions (inside and out) are set for maximum feeding reliability.
  • Lips of the tube are set to optimum specifications and polished.
  • All sharp edges are rolled.
  • The tube is polished both inside and out.

Magazines are tuned to fit the U.S.P.S.A. gauge.  The 140mm mags will hold 20+1 rounds of 40 cal or 21+1 rounds of 38 Super.  Maximum capacity is achieved and is the same with any of the available basepads.  Which basepad is a matter of personal choice.  Both the Dawson and Taran Tactical basepads are made of aluminum.  If you are using these mags in a gun with a steel grip only the Taran Tactical basepads will work.

If your gun is set up to not lock back, we can modify the follower (without compromising capacity) so that your slide does not lock back.  Please indicate your preference above.  If you experience problems with premature slide lock back, please note that the pawl of your slide stop may need to be adjusted.  Refer to the link below on setting up your gun for slide lockback or not.

Sorry, these magazines are no longer available in 9/38.

Additional Information

Click here for more information on slide lock back or not.


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