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STI Trubor Barrel/Comp - With Thundercomp 2 (SX) Style Comp

Brazos Price: $420.00
Manufacturer: STI
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We begin with a 355 caliber, short-chambered STI Trubor blank and add our Thundercomp SX-style compensator cuts. By combining the Trubor and Thundercomp SX designs we have achieved a barrel/comp combination that weighs only 8.6 oz compared to 9.6 oz for the stock Trubor with S2 comp. This item is available in a 5.060" barrel length and a 4.5" barrel length.  The shorter 4.5" model weighs only 8 oz.  The compensator portion of this part is only 1.9” long compared to 2.0” for the S2 comp. The Thundercomp SX design contains three up ports that have been cut very deep and have squared off bottoms for maximum volume. They become progressively smaller to equalize the down force as gas pressure lessens. Three additional ports on each side create side force vectors that make the gun track straight up and down.

The Trubor is a one-piece barrel/compensator combination fabricated from a single piece of rifle grade stainless steel. The barrel comes pre-sculpted from STI to give you the slide-to-barrel clearance required for fitting. The bridge face cut has extra material to allow the gunsmith to conform the barrel to a Nowlin cut at 0.485" from the back of the bridge cut in the frame to a 0.199" diameter slide stop pin.

This part is oversized and requires a gunsmith fit.

Note: Compensator should be align reamed after installation to avoid bullet strike.

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