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2011 STI Magazine (Gen1/Closeout Pricing)

Brazos Price: From $60.00 to $85.00
Manufacturer: STI
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STI 2011 Magazine - 140mm
STI 2011 Magazine - 140mmSTI 2011 Magazine - 170mmSTI 2011 Magazine - 126mm

Using quality STI components (tube, basepad, spring, and follower), the STI Gen1 2011 magazine fits STI 2011, double-stack guns. They are available in 9 mm, 10mm, 38 Super, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP calibers in various lenghts.  Note that the 140mm and 170mm magazines use the extended STI competition basepad, whereas the shorter length magazines use the STI carry basepad.

  • The 120 mm magazine is used only with the VIP, Guardian 2011, and DVC Carry; it fits flush with the bottom of the grip
  • The 126 mm, "carry," magazine sits flush at the bottom of a standard siz 2011 grip.* It is legal for IDPA and fits the IPSC standard box. 
  • The 140 mm magazine extends below the bottom of the grip about 3/4 inch. It is the magazine of choice in both USPSA open and limited class divisions.
  • The 170 mm ("big stick") magazine, available only in 9mm and 38 Super, extends below the bottom of the grip about 1 1/2 inches.  You'll want at least one big stick in your belt when you are shooting open class competition. 
*For states with magazine capacity limitations, the 126mm magazine is also available as a ten-round version.  The 10-round magazine has deep ribs down the sides of the mag tube that effectively turn the magazine into a single stack and, thus, will hold only 10 rounds.

Round capacity varies by magazine length and caliber.  The following round counts are approximations only as individual magazines can vary:


9mm/38 Super

40 S&W

45 ACP

126 mm

17 rounds

14 rounds

12 rounds

140 mm

20 rounds

17 rounds

14 rounds

170 mm

26 rounds

22 rounds


Check out our special closeout prices!  .

As STI transitions to the Gen2 magazines, these "Gen1" magazines will become unavailable.  If you do not see the caliber/length magazine you are looking for on this drop-down menu, check the "Gen2" magazine.

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