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STI 2011 Magazine (Gen 2)

Brazos Price: From $79.99 to $99.99
Manufacturer: STI
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STI (2017) Double Stack Magazine - 140mm
STI (2017) Double Stack Magazine - 140mmSTI (2017) Double Stack Magazine - 126mm

All magazines have a polymer basepad.

The STI Generation 2 double stack magazine is a redesign of the magazine STI has been manufacturing for its line of 2011 double-stack/wide body pistols.  The magazine body has been set to precise and consistent measurements at the lips and throughout the length of the tube both front-to-back and side-to-side.  This translates into more consistent reliability and performance.  In addition, features such as witness holes and polished interior/exterior of the mag body further enhance the quality of these magazines.  In the 2017 platform, the “ribs” of the 9/.38 magazine run all the way down both sides of the mag body and, thus, make the spacer unnecessary for 9mm.  Consequently the 9mm and 38 Super mags are identical.  You might find that the mags are stamped “9MM” but, rest assured, they are also used for 38 Super.  Likewise, the  10mm and 40 S&W magazines are one in the same.  The Gen2 mags are available in 9MM/.38 and 40/10MM in lengths of 120, 126, 140 and 170 mm. 

Please note that all STI 170mm length mags are currently unavailable from STI.  We do have some 170mm mag bodies as well as MBX magazines available for immediate shipping.

  • The 120 mm magazine is used only with the 2011 "carry" style pistols with an abbreviated grip (e.g., Guardian 2011 and DVC Carry).
  •  The 126 mm, "carry," magazine sits flush at the bottom of a standard size 2011 grip.* It is legal for IDPA and fits the IPSC standard box. 
  • The 140 mm magazine extends below the bottom of the grip about 3/4 inch. It is the magazine of choice in both USPSA open and limited class divisions.
  • The 170 mm ("big stick") magazine, available only in 9mm and 38 Super, extends below the bottom of the grip about 1 1/2 inches.  You'll want at least one big stick in your belt when you are shooting open class competition. 

Round capacity varies by magazine length and caliber:


9mm/38 Super

40 S&W

126 mm

17 rounds

14 rounds

140 mm

20 rounds

17 rounds

170 mm

26 rounds

22 rounds


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