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STI Trubor Barrel/Comp - With T1/T2/Blank Comp

List: $349.99
Brazos Price: From $219.99 to $349.99
Manufacturer: STI
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STI Trubore Barrel w/T2 Comp
STI Trubore Barrel w/T2 CompSTI Trubore Barrel w/T1 Comp

The Trubor is a 5.5", 355 caliber, one-piece barrel/compensator combination fabricated from a single piece of rifle grade stainless steel. Because there are no threads, this unique design is about .400" shorter and approximately 1.5 ounces lighter than a comparable barrel/compensator combination. The compensator cannot come loose and the barrel is a great deal easier for a gunsmith to fit and "clock in." Since the compensator is both bored and rifled at the same time and with the same tooling as the barrel, there can be no misalignment. With gas pressures equal on all sides of the bullet, enhanced accuracy is a given. The barrel comes pre-sculpted from the factory to give you the slide-to-barrel clearance required for fitting. The bridge face cut has extra material to allow the gunsmith to conform the barrel to a Nowlin cut at 0.485" from the back of the bridge cut in the frame to a 0.199" diameter slide stop pin.

The Trubore is available with the T1 or T2 STI compensator cuts.  Or get the blank so you can custom design the compensator cuts.

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