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Frame Kit, STI - 2011 Standard Wide

Brazos Price: $599.99
Manufacturer: STI
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frame kit, receiver
frame kit, receiver

The STI, 2011 Standard frame kit is generally paired with a classic slide where. The Standard/Wide frame has a dust cover that is the same width as the slide and, thus, will be flush with sides of the slide.   With an all steel frame (4140 Maxxell Alloy) and a polymer grip, the 2011 frame kits are 35% lighter than their 1911 counterparts.  They are built to exacting tolerances, made of CNC milled billet steel, then heat treated to 30 Rockwell hardness.  This creates a very accurate frame on which to build the highest quality pistols.

The frame is pre-cut for a high ride beavertail configuration as well as an ambidextrous safety. The grip is a glass filled, nylon polymer that comes pre-checkered with 30 lpi on the frontstrap, 25 lpi on the trigger guard, and 30 lpi on the grip panels.  The kit assembly includes the frame, grip, STI patented long curve trigger, an STI 2011 magazine release, and a mainspring housing.  It is the same width and depth as the 1911 design, and it will accept high capacity magazines.  The frames come either unramped or with an STI/Wilson/Nowlin ramp cut for fully supported barrels.  The standard frame kit is also available in a wide version. 
Because a frame kit contains a serial number, it must be sent to an authorized FFL dealer in your state of residence.
Important:  STI has discontinued the sale of frames.  When our limited inventory is depleted, this item will be discontinued.  If the STI model/style frame you are looking for is no longer available, check out the Brazos Modular Double Stack (MDS) frame.  A better product at a better price. 

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