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Spyderco Sharpener, Bench Stone

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Spyderco Sharpener, Bench Stone

Realizing the full potential of a cutting tool requires the careful control of many factors, including the quality and composition of the steel, the heat-treating process, the geometry of the blade grind, and the sharpness of the edge. To ensure continued high performance, the edge must also be maintained with proper sharpening. Before Spyderco ever made knives, they manufactured the tools to keep them sharp. Their full selection of sharpening products now includes everything from small, lightweight stones that are ideal for touch-ups in the field to the versatile Sharpmaker system that takes the mystery out of sharpening virtually any cutting tool—including serrated edges. Regardless of your tool or your intended application, Spyderco’s state-of-the-art sharpening accessories can help give you the edge you need.

Spyderco’s 2" by 8" ceramic bench stones are made from ultra-hard alumina ceramic material. They are used like traditional sharpening stones, but do not require oil or water lubrication. They are ideal not only for Spyderco knives but also for wood chisels, plane irons, and similar bladed tools.  The stones are easily cleaned with ordinary kitchen cleanser.  Bench stones are available in three grits:  Ultra Fine, Fine, and Medium.  The sharper your edge is to begin with the finer the grit you'll want to use for sharpening.

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