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Slide Stop, EGW Performance Tuned

Brazos Price: $60.00
Item Number: 30-025
Manufacturer: Brazos Custom
: 0
Performance Tuned Slide Stop
Performance Tuned Slide StopPerformance Tuned Slide Stop

We take the EGW Heavy Duty stainless steel slide stop and tune it to work with magazines that do not lock back the slide after the last round is fired. This part is slightly oversized in diameter (0.200")  so that it will fit tightly in the slide.  It may need some fitting in order for the barrel to lock up properly.   A small detent has been drilled in the slide stop to engage the slide stop plunger.  This keeps the slide stop from moving up or out in the event it is bumped by the nose of a bullet.  In addition, the ledge on the slide stop has been trimmed flat the precise amount needed to ensure consistent performance without compromising the integrity of the slide stop.  

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