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Adjustable Rear Sight, STI

Brazos Price: From $69.99 to $79.99
Manufacturer: STI
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Dovetail Style:
sti adjustable rear sight

STI manufactures a wide variety of sights for 1911 and 2011-style pistols. The adjustable rear sight has a one-piece blade with an adjustable tunnel. 

This sight is available with either a BoMar style dovetail (60-degree X 0.359) or an LPA/TRT style dovetail (60-degree X 0.375). You will find that many guns with an adjustable rear sight use a BoMar style dovetail.  However, in the last few years STI has switched to using LPA/TRT sights for their adjustable rear sights.  To determine which sight is on your gun, look at the elevation screw on the sight.  On Bomar style sights, the elevation screw goes into the slide behind the dovetail.  On the LPA/TRT sight, this screw goes into dovetail.  If the elevation screw lines up with the dovetail then it is an LPA.

Brazos Recommends an Alternative:  Check out the STI compatible Brazos Top Notch adjustable rear sight -- a better choice at a better price!

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