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Adjustable Rear Sight, Wilson - Interchangeable Blade Only

Brazos Price: $55.00
Manufacturer: Wilson Combat
: 0

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wilson adjustable rear sight blades

This is an interchangeable sight blade for the Wilson Lo-Mount Adjustable Rear Sight for Bo-Mar Cut.  We have taken the Wilson sight blade and added a few modifications to make this the ultimate sight for competition shooting.  The Brazos modifications include serrating the blade and offering a variety of notch sizes that let you, the shooter, determine the best sight picture for you.  Select from increasingly wider notches:  0.110", 0.128", 0.140".  Select the notch size based on the width of your front sight and what percentage of the rear notch you want that front sight to take up.  A winning combination is the Brazos Custom Lightning Rod MannyDot with 0.070" wide post and our Wilson sight with 0.090" wide notch. This blade fits the Wilson Adjustable Rear Sight ONLY not other brands.

Important:  The Wilson Adjustable Rear Sight and the replacement blades have been discontinued by Wilson so only limited sizes and quantities are available.  We have replaced this sight with the Brazos Top Notch Adjustable Rear Sight shown below.  


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