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*New!!! Magwell, BCG - BigMouth/BigHand

Brazos Price: $65.00
Manufacturer: Brazos Custom
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BigMouth/BigHand Magwell
BigMouth/BigHand MagwellBigMouth/BigHand Magwell: Black, Red, SilverBigMouth/BigHand Magwell on 2011 GripBigMouth/BigHand Magwell Relieved for Large HandsBigMouth/BigHand Magwell Relieved for Large Hands

As a member of the "BigMouth" line of magwells, the BigMouth/BigHand magwell has an oversize magwell opening designed to not only make reloads quicker and easier but also to provide a stable platform for the back and sides of your hand.  This enables you to get a firmer, more secure grip higher up on the gun to help with managing recoil.  The BigHand magwell is ergonomically designed to accommodate larger hands by providing clearance both on the front and the sides towards the back of the platform.  These are the contact areas that need to be relieved for shooters with larger hands.  Available in silver, black, or red anodized aluminum, this magwell fits only the 2011 STI or SV grips and flat or arched mainspring housings.  It offers a slip-on fit that requires no gunsmithing.

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