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Lightning Rod Standard (Kimber/Novak)

Brazos Price: $34.99
Manufacturer: Brazos Custom
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Longest, brightest fiber optic sight on the market.  Comes with red 0.060” diameter fiber optic insert and includes three inches of each red, green, and yellow replacement fiber optic rod.

Kimber/Novak dovetail cut is 0.330x0.075x65 degrees.  Center of dovetail is 0.320 back from front of slide.  Available in several heights:  0.150, 0.160, 0.175, 0.200, and 0.240.  The 0.200 height is generally used with an adjustable rear sight on a flat-topped slide.  If your slide has not been flat-topped, the 0.175" height will likely be better.  For a fixed rear sight, measure the highest point of your current front sight (side closest to you) and select the sight with the height closest to this measurement.  

A higher front sight (than your current sight) will shoot lower on the target.  If your gun is currently shooting high, select a higher front sight; if it is shooting low, select a lower front sight.  For a 6-inch sight radius, a change in front sight height of 0.010 inches (from a 0.150 height to a 0.160 height) produces a change in impact of 1.5 inches at 25 yards. The formula is: (sight radius(in feet) x desired change in impact of bullet (in inches) divided by (sight in range) = change in height of sight. For this example: (0.5x1.5) divided by (75 feet) = 0.010 inches.  Remember, higher sights shoot lower and lower sights shoot higher if you keep the rear sight the same.


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