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Brazos Techwear Polo

Brazos Price: $75.00
Manufacturer: TechWearUSA

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Brazos Techwear Polo
Brazos Techwear Polo
Be a part of the Brazos Custom team by wearing the gold polo sporting the "Brazos Custom" name as well as some of our popular competition pistols.  These are the light, breathable, and moisture wicking polo shirts that TechWearUSA has made famous.  Not only is this an attractive garment, but it is also comfortable and cool to wear.  The shirt drips dry in a few hours, provides twice the life of a regular cotton shirt, and retains crisp and vibrant colors as a result of ink dye sublimination where the ink actually becomes one with the fabric on the molecular level.
At home, machine wash delicate warm/cold and remove promptly after cycle to minimize wrinkles.  Tumble dry low or extra low and again remove promptly after cycle to minimize wrinkles.  Hotel room washing instructions:
  • Add a little hotel shampoo to basin and half fill with warm water.  Add shirt and squish around for a while.
  • Let water drain while squishing excess water out of shirt.  Run water and rinse until all soap and dirt are gone.
  • Gently squeeze excess water from shirt.  Lay shirt out on a bath towel, roll up towel, and stand on it for a little while
    Remove shirt from towel and place on hanger to finish drying.
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