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Tuned Trigger Group, BCG - Brazos Pro

Brazos Price: $165.00
Item Number: 32-001
Manufacturer: Brazos Custom
: 0

The “Brazos Pro” label denotes the best of the best. We apply this term to our group of trigger parts because each component meets the Brazos Custom standard for reliability and durability. This is not just a bag of parts. The hammer and sear have the angles stoned and fitted and the primary and secondary angles have been cut, and all engagement surfaces have been polished. The sear spring has been pre-bent to be close to a drop-in fit. The group includes the same parts Bob uses in the Pro Series line of custom guns:

  • Quicksilver Hammer
  • Match Sear
  • EGW Titanium Hammer Strut
  • Hammer Strut Pin
  • Sear Spring (Pre-bent for 2011 double stack)
  • Hammer Spring (17 lb.)

For best results the sear spring mayl need to be adjusted and all safety checks will need to be performed.  More info on how to adjust these parts:

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